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Pit & Plate Culinary Experience: Inspired by the Spirit of Fire

At Pit & Plate, we bring the soulful essence of open-fire cooking to your table, drawing inspiration from the ingredients and culture of our beautiful country. Our culinary journey revolves around the primal allure of fire, the art of grilling, and the celebration of quality ingredients. Embrace the warmth and bold flavours that define Pit & Plate's unique catering experience.

- Live-Fire Grilling

Pit & Plates’ passion for live-fire cooking comes alive in our signature grilling techniques. Picture succulent meats, vibrant vegetables, and savoury aromas dancing over an open flame. Whether it's an aged ex-dairy cow steak, perfectly charred vegetables, or slow-cooked barbecue, our live-fire grilling elevates each dish to a symphony of flavours.

- Asado-style Feasts

Embrace the Argentine tradition of the "asado" with our curated feast experiences. Indulge in the communal spirit of sharing as whole cuts of premium meats are slow-roasted to perfection over open flames. The primal aroma of wood smoke and the tender juiciness of the meat will transport your guests to a culinary paradise.

- Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Pit & Plate takes pride in sourcing the finest local ingredients to craft dishes that resonate with freshness and authenticity. From farm-fresh produce to high-quality meats, each ingredient tells a story of its origin, bringing a sense of place to every bite.

- Rustic Elegance

Pit & Plate’s aesthetic of rustic elegance is reflected in our presentation. Imagine beautifully plated dishes served on wooden boards and artisanal tableware, creating an atmosphere that combines the simplicity of nature with the sophistication of fine dining.

- Signature Sauces and Marinades

Elevate your culinary journey with our signature sauces and marinades inspired by our Head Jeffs’s bold and nuanced flavour profiles. From fresh Chimichurri to Smoked Apple Butter, each condiment is crafted to complement and enhance the natural tastes of our grilled offerings.

- Fire-Kissed Desserts

Round off your meal with our fire-kissed desserts, where even the sweetest indulgences bear the subtle notes of the open flame. From grilled fruits to artisanal desserts infused with smoky undertones, our sweet creations are the perfect conclusion to a memorable dining experience.

At Pit & Plate, we invite you to savour the extraordinary. Let our fire-inspired culinary expertise ignite your senses and create an event that transcends the ordinary.

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