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corporate Catering

Ignite the flame of teamwork

Welcome to Pit & Plate, where every event is an unforgettable journey through taste and teamwork. Step beyond the confines of ordinary, mundane corporate gatherings and indulge in an enthralling experience that tantalizes your senses and unites your team.

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Whether you seek a team building experience, a caterer for work events, or culinary delights to impress your customers, you've come to the perfect spot...

- Firepit cooking

Surrender to the primal allure of flames as our passionate chefs masterfully tend to the fire, creating an atmosphere of warmth and shared experience.

- Theatrical performance

Feast your eyes as our culinary maestros perform a symphony of flavours, right before your very eyes – ensuring every event is not only a meal but a spectacle to remember.

- A feast for all

We’re all about shared food for shared experiences. Come for a feast that captures the spirit of celebrating together. And don’t worry, we’ll have all dietary requirements covered.

"Working with Pit & Plate this year has been amazing. I cannot recommend them enough. The team executed my recipes and vision for each event to the T. If your event involves the outdoors, flames, and fire - these are the guys. Totally professional 100% reliable and just good people to work with." 

- Tony Singh

Let's light the fire of inspiration

Pit & Plate is devoted to bringing quality ingredients, traditional cooking techniques, and exceptional presentation to the forefront of every corporate occasion.

If your organisation is eager to craft an event like no other, let Pit & Plate kindle the flame.

Looking for your perfect venue too?

Little Green Hill merges the charm of the Cotwsolds with the excellence of Pit & Plate to curate a day that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Discover more here:


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