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Pit & Plate

We're a rustic catering company that travels the United Kingdom, setting up and dismantling in true Nomadic style. There are no fancy uniforms or starched table cloths - food is prepared out in the elements, with everything sourced as locally as possible to champion seasonal vegetables and the best of British produce.


Fire - flame, embers, smoke

The romance of a real flame encourages people to gather, chat and unwind. Food cooked with a hint of smoke or charcoal takes us back in time.

The most important element is fire - whether by direct flame, embers, smoke or the offset heat. We travel with a cast-iron piece of kit based on the model favoured by Argentina's famous Chef, Francis Mallamann. The base is fuelled with charcoal or seasoned (and sustainable) wood, obtained by local suppliers. The grill levels can be altered for slow cooking or intense heat and are sheltered by a rustic, tin roof. Every item is touched by fire in some way or chosen to complement the earthy, smokey flavours.

Outdoor Dinner

Feasts, events & upcoming pop-up's

Menus can be tailored to exact requirements by a Pit & Plate meal is always a feast. If you want a memorable occasion and something different Pit & Plate will deliver.

Camp Fire

Fire cooking equipment and accessories 

Looking to recreate your Pit & Plate experience or just to experiment with Fire Cooking them check out our equipment and accessories that are available.

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